ELSA Portucalense Winter Law School 19/20

Este ano a ELSA Portucalense assumiu o ambicioso projeto de organizar a nossa 1º edição da WELS Vila Nova de Gaia e podemos dizer, orgulhosamente, que foi um sucesso. Decorreu entre 16 a 23 de Fevereiro de 2020.

Do ponto de vista do programa académico, o tema na nossa WELS foi “Law of the Sea and Connected Rights”, no qual não só proporcionamos aos nossos participantes interessantes aulas com oradores muito respeitados na área, como também lhes demos a oportunidade de pôr em prática o que estavam a aprender com uma simulação de um Moot Court. Além disso, os nossos participantes visitaram uma das mais importantes Sociedades de Advogados do Porto.

Relativamente ao programa cultural, quisemos mostrar aos nossos participantes aquilo que faz do Porto uma cidade tão especial e admirada pelo mundo, desde um passeio de barco pelas 7 pontes do Douro, a uma visita às caves do Vinho do Porto e a famosa libraria Lello, passando pelos monumentos mais importantes da Invicta, tal como a Torre dos Clérigos. Sem esquecer a vida académica, os nossos participantes tiveram direito a um convívio com a Tuna Académica da Universidade Portucalense.  Além de tudo isto, e como não podia faltar, provaram a mais famosa iguaria portuense, a Francesinha.

Quanto ao programa social, os nossos participantes tiverem a oportunidade de conhecer e se divertirem nas ruas das Galerias de Paris, assim como socializar na famosa zona do Piolho e conhecer pessoas de várias nacionalidades.

Foi sem dúvida um projeto ambicioso, que só se tornou possível com uma empenhada equipa , a nossa Organising Committee juntamente com o Staff. Foi uma excelente e enriquecedora semana que nos deixa a todos com muitas saudades.


Organizing Committee

A par de uma Law School bem-sucedida têm de existir nos seus bastidores uma Organising Committee esforçada e empenhada a proporcionar uma experiência única aos seus participantes. A OC da 1º Edição da WELS Vila Nova de Gaia foi composta por 6 elementos:

Beatriz Inácio- Head of the Organising Committee

Bruno Cruz- Head of Academic Program

Gonçalo Lickfold- Head of Finances

Francisco Lima- Head of Participants and Logistics

Helena Afonso- Head of Marketing

Inês Duque- Head of Social Program

Testemunhos de Participantes

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During this Winter Law School I discovered the meaning of the ELSA spirit; dancing all night long until your knees are broken and every morning being impatient for the next lectures coming.
I arrived in Porto knowing nothing about the Law of the Sea, and I went back to Belgium as a future master student in Law of the Sea and with friends from all over Europe!
It’s gonna be hard to find another WELS as good..
I would like to thank the OC again for organising such an amazing week and for the new friendships

Arthur Delande


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This WELS was exceptional in all aspects. Porto itself is a breathtaking city and has provided us with a great base for many of the social activities which were organized for us. Together with other participants we had a lot of fun and I secretly believe that one day we´ll meet again somewhere. All the lessons were very interactive, covering not only theory but also current practical issues and were therefore very enriching. But what I appreciate the most is how much effort the OC members put into this WELS. They did such a great job that it’s hard to believe it was their first experience with organizing such event. I would like to thank them all and wish them many other successful law schools with as happy participants as we were.

Barbora Vintrová


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My experience in Porto was so amazing i don´t know where to start. All this program was designed for us to enjoy every second of it, from the academic programme and its moot court competition, touristic visits, and a social program which allows you to learn about portuguese culture. All of it with a group of law students who share their passions, and a wonderful OC who accompained us on every moment and made of this experience the best one.

Aiona Ordoñez


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I have already experienced a few law schools, but WELS Vila Nova de Gaia will definitely remain one of the best. Big thanks belong to OC, that took care of the entire – not just academically – enriching program. The lectures about the Law of the Sea broadened my horizons and encouraged my interest in International Law. The Moot Court ignited competitiveness, helped us to apply the knowledge and get to know each other. Through the social program we had a chance to experience the stunning Portuguese culture, delicious cuisine and wonderful Porto city! We all gained new friendships and many beautiful memories. I am grateful that I could be a part of this WELS!

Michaela Kurková


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This WELS has been an amazing experience in each and every respect. The academic program was very interesting and a ton of other activities accompanied our daily life letting us make new friendships and making this week definitively unforgettable. Thanks OC!

Alessandro Oneto


WhatsApp Image 2020-06-10 at 16.26.32

I only have good words about what we experienced in Porto. The city, specially its sunsets are amazing. The classes were very interesting and everything was perfectly organized.
And what about the social programme? Every day a different night activity, all of them super fun… (you will become a funky dancer… haha). I would strongly recommend this WELS, as the OC members are passionate and willing to make it the best possible, and I am sure they made it the best it could be for sure. Thank you!

Jorge Llovo


WhatsApp Image 2020-06-10 at 16.18.23

This WELS was such a valuable experience for me, both from a academical and personal point of view.
We learned a lot about the law of the sea , especially through the Moot Court. It was a great way to apply all the theory we learned throughout the lectures to a case.
The OC really put up a perfect program and made sure to show us the beautiful Porto with all its treasures: Port wine (of course), delicious Francesinha and atmospheric sunsets.
Overall I think we all made new friends around Europe and unforgettable memories.

Manuela Grenci


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My time in Porto with Elsa is unforgettable, made a lot of great memories with law students all around Europe. Beside the City was amazing, the friendly environment and the great effort of OC members made this experience perfect. The classes are really professional organized, the lecturers were really professional and helpful.
Not only the lectures were sufficient and beneficial for our knowledge, but also the social programs both at noon and night- were fun, I don’t remember of a single time any of us was bored! I want to thank all Participants and the Oc members, as well, to make us feel the Elsa Spirt. I would suggest this Wels to all who are interested. I think that Wels is an excellent chance to get to meet new people and learn from much about the topic!

Ipek Bozbura


WhatsApp Image 2020-06-11 at 15.52.37

This 1st Edition of WELS Vila Nova de Gaia was a dream come true for our local board. The result of so much commitment and hard work from the OC and staff members, what a great team we created !
Looking back to that week I only have good memories , we had the most amazing and caring participants ever , we were so lucky . And the surprise they organized in the end of the week for the OC was proof of that !
As head of the OC I couldn’t be more proud to say that this edition was a big success and that , hopefully , it’s a foundation for many more editions in the future!

Beatriz Inácio - Head of the OC


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