Medical Law

We are proud to present our new Webinar Academy on Medical Law which focuses on the legal questions raised in the field of medicine.
This is a time of great interest in medical ethics and law. Major questions are being raised by advances in fields such as genetics and AI.

In a continuously changing moral climate, debates about conflicts between Human Rights and Biomedicine, Confidentiality and Protection of Heathcare Data and even Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare are very much alive.
This course is designed for medical or legal professionals, graduates or students of a relevant discipline and those who decided to embark on further research in this area. You will study the methods of reasoning and analysis in law and examine selected areas of health care and medical practice from a medical law perspective.

The Webinar Academy on Medical Law is enriched by Elsa Portucalense’s partnership with the Centre for Biomedical Law, the first institute devoted to the study and research of Health Law and Biomedical Rights.

The participation fee is 15 euros for ELSA Associates and 20 euros for non-associates.
We have limited vacancies so hurry up and sign-up.

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